Restrictions on internal mobility

There are different measures of restrictions on circulation in certain areas or geographical zones of the country, as well as the entry or exit of these. The Decrees through which the indicated restrictions are agreed, define alternative measures for: vehicular or pedestrian circulation for the acquisition of essential goods: food, medicine, medical products; transfers and displacements of vehicles and people on the occasion of activities that cannot be subject to suspension in accordance with current regulations; as well as the establishment of sanitary corridors.

For more details on updates in this category, consult Decree No. 4,160/2020 .


Bus services may run at a maximum of 50% capacity.

Local and regional governments may impose additional restrictions, including limiting intercity or interstate vehicle travel.

Authorities require proof of vaccination from travelers taking interstate bus trips.

Source of information
National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC)
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