Restrictions on internal mobility

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Restrictions on internal mobility

The transport of persons by means of public transport by road or water is only permitted with due observance of the public transport protocol, which indicates the guidelines for the transport sector, bus, boat and taxi transport.

It is mandatory the wearing of mouth-nose coverings, hygiene measures and distances among the passengers waiting for transport. There is a fine of SRD 1000 by law for not wearing a mouth cap on public transport. 

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There are protocols defined by the Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), for procedures for embarking and disembarking crew members from vessels and platforms, in water transport; aircraft crew, tourists and migrants, who move internally and supervision of buses, which transport passengers and passengers, between states. For more information about the protocols, access: .

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Any person engaged in transportation within Guyana, whether by land, sea, or air, may carry as many passengers as the automobile, ship, or aircraft is authorized to carry.

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Limitations on internal transfers.

There are restrictions for entering certain Departments, but everything depends on the Phase in which each one is, so it is convenient to know this information before starting the trip.

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Restrictions on internal mobility.

• There are restrictions regarding the Phase in which the respective Commune of origin and destination is located.

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• There is no curfew, there are no travel restrictions within the country, domestic flights are made.

• Public transport operates at the departmental and interdepartmental levels, at times determined by the competent authorities.

Valid until December 31, 2021.

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There are different measures of restrictions on circulation in certain areas or geographical zones of the country, as well as the entry or exit of these.

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