Borders and entry into the national territory

Opening to neighboring countries as of October 1, 2021

Until October 31, 2021, the prohibition to enter the national territory established by Decree No. 274/20 is extended.

Nationals or residents of neighboring countries who have stayed in foreign countries for 14 days prior to entering the national territory are exempted from the established entry prohibition, provided that they comply with the indications, recommendations and sanitary and migratory requirements for entry and permanence in the country established or to be established in the future.

The National Migration Directorate, a decentralized body acting in the orbit of the Ministry of the Interior, will determine and enable the international steps to enter the national territory that are most convenient for this purpose, through the safe corridors established in accordance with article 16 of the Decree N ° 260/20, and complementary norms or the authorizations of exception that are required.

Entry authorizations for non-resident foreigners are made by note if they involve family reunification, work, health or humanitarian reasons. As of August 7, the direct relatives of Argentines and residents have to present the documentation that proves the link directly to the transport company: Argentine DNI of the relative and certificate of birth, marriage or coexistence.

Progressive advance of quotas

Air quotas:

- Between October 1 and 3 - 2300 places per day.
- Between October 4 and 10 - 21,000 places per week.
- As of October 11 and until 14 days after reaching 50% of the population with complete vaccination - 28,000 weekly places.
- After 14 days of reaching 50% of the population with a complete vaccination scheme, the quotas will be eliminated.

Maritime-fluvial quota:

- 5 weekly operations for each of the passenger transport companies.

Open to all countries as of November 1, 2021

As of November 1, 2021, the entry into the national territory of non-resident foreigners is restored, provided that they comply with the current immigration and health requirements or that are established in the future.

The entry of non-resident foreigners in the national territory will be carried out through the safe corridors established in the terms of article 16 of Decree No. 260/20 and complementary regulations, except for:

a. people who are affected by the transfer of merchandise by international trade operations of merchandise cargo transportation, by air, land, sea, river and lake means;
b. carriers and crew of ships and aircraft;
c. the people affected by the operation of flights and medical transfers; and
d. Persons duly authorized by the National Directorate of Migration, when there are special and accredited humanitarian reasons that warrant it, with the corresponding intervention of the national health authority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, in the terms established by the regulation.

Border regulations are defined in the following standards:

Decree No. 274/20 and its amendments and supplements, effective until October 31, 2021, inclusive.

Decree No. 678/21 effective until December 31, 2021, inclusive.

Administrative Decision No. 951/21 and its supplements, effective until December 31, 2021.

Disposition No. 3763/20 of the National Directorate of Migration and its amendments.

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