Entry restrictions

Limitations for cross-border mobility.


Even though the borders remain closed, there are no restrictions for nationals.

Decreto Nº 279/021.


Foreigners have entry restrictions, exceptional cases:

a. Foreign persons residing in the country.

b. Aircraft crews and ship pilots.

c. Drivers affected by the international transport of goods, merchandise, correspondence, supplies and humanitarian and health aid.

d. Diplomats accredited to the Uruguayan government or to International Organizations based in the country.

e. Foreign people who benefit from a humanitarian or health corridor.

f. Brazilians who, demonstrating their border status, enter the Republic through the Uruguay - Brazil border and remain in the border city. 

g. Manifestly founded cases of international protection,

h. Duly justified situations of family reunification (with parents, spouses, partners, unmarried minor or elderly children with disabilities) or unforeseen humanitarian situations managed by the MRREE before the DNM.

i. Transitory income for labor, economic, business or judicial purposes.

j. Owners and holders of social shares or shares of legal persons and final beneficiaries of real estate located in the country, accompanied by their spouse or common-law partner and relatives of the first and second degree of consanguinity.

They must complete the form in Annex I, certify that they have received the single dose or both doses, as corresponds to the type of vaccine supplied, against the SARS CoV-2 virus approved by their country of origin, within the last six months prior to shipment. or arrival in the country and the respective waiting periods have been fulfilled to achieve effective immunity.

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Procedures for entry authorizations.

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